NDIA is the association for defense professionals.

NDIA members are informed opinion leaders and recognized as the go-to people in their fields of expertise.  They are trusted sources providing the community with innovative ideas, turning the best ideas into reality.  NDIA members are dedicated to the betterment of national security and our defense capabilities.  They are individuals and companies who are established authorities in their specialized fields and whose expertise is sought often.

Join the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association with its many member benefits that include:

  • relationships with regional government and industry buyers
  • gaining first-hand knowledge of policy and trends and how it affects your company
  • networking opportunities at events and conferences with local businesses involved in the defense industry
  • touring local military installations and plants

 You can register as a member on line at ndia.org/membership/join-ndia

Membership Reminder: A free 3-year complimentary government membership is available to all federal, state, local employees to include subscription to National Defense magazine. Visit: ndia.org/membership/join-ndia

If you have any additional questions please contact Anthony DeMarco at Anthony.DeMarco@pricesystems.com.

Membership Benefits

Membership in NDIA offers a broad range of opportunities to engage all Department of Defense Military Services, and the Industrial base that supports their Defense related requirements. These requirements include supporting organized efforts dealing with issues of importance to the Military, in both our local communities, and nationally. We focus on the needs of enlisted personal, their families, and Veterans, as well as being the Industrial base that offers the most advanced technology to our Warfighters.
Corporate Membership If your company is part of the defense industry, you have a place in NDIA. By joining, your company and its products become more marketable because of the knowledge, visibility and contacts NDIA membership offers.

NDIA Divisions Which one (or more) would best benefit you and your company

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